About UMaXX

UMaXX is the UMass eXperimental X-band Radar.  It operates from a 20 m tall tower atop Orchard Hill on the UMass Amherst campus.  The radar's operating frequency is 9.41 GHz (or 3.2 cm wavelength), with a maximum operating range of 60 km.  The radar antenna produces a 2-degree wide beam, and the antenna rotates at approximately 2 rpm scanning 360 degrees in azimuth and typically from 2-8 degrees in elevation. 

UMaXX is a dual-polarization radar, meaning it transmits electromagnetic energy with both Horizontal and Vertical polarizations. This is useful for determining properties like raindrop size/shape or precipitation type (rain, snow, mix).

UMaXX is also a Doppler radar, meaning it measures the radial velocity (or velocity along the radar beam direction).  This is useful for measuring winds.